About me


First Green Step is about infusing a sustainable way of thinking. The website tracks me making small, important and lasting changes in my quest to move towards a life filled with less waste, more joy, less clutter, more fun, less about things and more about forging relationships.

We shall also showcase stories of people who are doing their small part in living a sustainable lifestyle in a track named “Green Smurfs” to serve as a source of inspiration for all my readers to embark on the green path.

Good for the environment, good for us, as well as our pockets

Living a ecofriendly life does not have to mean we give up on all our pleasures nor does it mean having to shell out a lot of money to buy steeply-priced products. To this end, we shall do the research to present to you the various options along with the knowledge to help make better choices to reduce your carbon footprint. We shall feature ecofriendly products and organizations that are promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

The core of this initiative is to provide actionable tips to help us collectively move towards preserving the only known planet that can currently sustain life and keeping it that way.

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Our facebook group is dedicated to promote ecofriendly and sustainable lifestyle thought process. You are welcome to share your experiences, zero-waste wins, any useful tips or products that our relevant there. We shall also hold regular discussions to help each other in our journey towards minimising our carbon footprint as individuals and brainstorm ideas we can affect as a group.

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