Cloth Diapering in the floods – Meet this young mom from Kerala #GreenSmurfs

“Green Smurfs” is a track on First Green Step where I shall be sharing inspiring personal stories of people who are practicing sustainable living in their own lives and are a part of the green movement.

In the first edition of “Green Smurfs” meet Amrutha Shelbin who believes “you can cloth diaper your baby under any circumstances” and did so.

GreenSmurfs eco stories

Amrutha is from Mala in Thrissur district. She and her family recently survived the flood in Kerala. Her house was under water and they were stuck in the first floor with no water and limited food. They got exactly one hour to carry all their essentials to the first floor. The used rain water for their survival. And she cloth diapered her 3-month-old throughout! She used rain water to wash her cloth diapers.

She and her baby were was given priority in the rescue after 3 days. She had to leave her family behind and go to a safe location with the baby. Thankfully, all are safe now but the rebuilding process has just started.

Love the attitude of this young eco-conscious woman who says:

“There is no time such that you can’t handle Cloth Diapers or the wash routine is hard to maintain; it is always simple if you love what you do and I always enjoy washing them”

Let us take a sneak peek at her cloth diapering stash for the monsoons

>> Flats especially homemade ones

>> Pocket diapers with MF inserts for quick dry time

>> AIOs for the night

She utilised her network at Cloth Diapering India Facebook Group to procure some affordable, second hand cloth diapers in good condition. Though her financial resources were limited she has managed to CD successfully.

This is our first Green Smurf Amrutha’s message to all the moms out there:

If you feel cloth diapering is safe for your baby and for this mother earth, do continue cloth diapering and encourage people you know to do so. The waste we produce and the trees we cut down will eventually put us in trouble. Do your best to save mother Earth.”

Kudos to GreenSmurf Amrutha for doing her part and championing a sustainable lifestyle! 

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