Green Step 1: Switch off that heater

Taking small steps towards a sustainable life is the purpose of this blog. In accordance with this, each week, I will be sharing a simple step that I will be practising that week to make my life a little bit greener. Do join me by implementing them in your own life.

Green Step 1

I love hot water baths. Summer or winter, I shower in almost scalding water. Generally, the heater needs 15-20 mins to heat the water. Often, despite the best of my intentions I forget. (Doesn’t it happen to you too?). Sometimes, it is for half an hour. My latest fiasco was I forgot about it when I went out and the heater was ON for 6+ hours!

Thankfully, our modern day heaters do not burn out. I guess they do have an internal cutoff switch but like a thermostat they probably keep reheating the water every time its temperature gets down.

I can’t miraculously improve my memory or reduce my distractions (kids, plan for the next meal, planning for my next blog post all running concurrently demanding a piece of my mind waves). So, this week, I have started setting an alarm on my phone for 15 mins to remind me to switch off the heater. Simple yet has proven to be very effective.

And, it just rang! Off to my bath now.

green steps 1


See you next week with another simple tip to progress in our journey towards a green life.

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