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Welcome to First Green Step. 

First Green Step is your resource to help you take baby steps to a sustainable lifestyle. From practice, I have observed that it is difficult to take drastic steps (like suddenly turning vegan!) or to make multiple changes overnight. The idea behind this initiative is making small, concrete step-by-step changes, to ultimately lead a zero-waste and eco-friendly lifestyle.

I have an ample share of apprehensions which have been deterring me from starting this website. With two young kids and another blog(of poetry and personal experiences), I am severely constricted for time. But, the biggest problem is that I am no expert and there are many many more qualified people, people who are way ahead in this journey of turning their life green. I feel like I am just sowing the seeds, no, no, I am still preparing the ground in which the seeds would be sown, and I am already broadcasting the live video to the entire world. But, pause, await my logic. If I do not use one bag of plastic today, only one bag of plastic will not end up in a landfill or an ocean. But, if I inspire 50 or who knows 500, 1000 or more people to not use a plastic bag, that’ll be awesome! Words have power, why not use it?

I do intend to complete preparing the ground, sow the seeds, sun and rain on it, apply liberal doses of fertilizer, spray on the pesticides(fully organic, ofcourse), nurture and hug it until they grow tall and strong and shine in this world with fresh flowers and juicy fruits. What I am trying to say is that I shall be that Eco-warrior princess, someday. Not yet. But, I want to take you all along for the ride. Why not create an army of eco-warriors while I am at it?

So, take your First Green Step with me today by subscribing to my posts.

I intend to launch a monthly newsletter soon and shall keep you updated.

What you can expect from this website?

Here is the off-the-top-of-my-head outline of what you shall get from First Green Step.

Green Awareness, Inspiration & Knowledge

Awareness about sustainable practices is just the beginning. This initiates and develops a green way of thinking that then turns into inspiration and ultimately implementation.

Reusable Alternatives for Single-use Items

Single-use items like a plastic water bottle or menstrual pad consume high resources to be manufactured, are used for a few hours and then lie on the earth forever(800 years is like forever!). We shall explore ways to eliminate single-use items from our lives.

Easy-to-implement Steps For A Sustainable Lifestyle

Immediate convenience vs (unvalidated) saving the planet: which one will you choose? In our hectic lifestyles, it is difficult to choose the time-consuming alternative when we are trying to do everything smarter and faster. At First Green Step, we shall do the figuring-out for you and break it down into easy-to-implement steps to get you turning green that much quicker.

Straight out of the eco-experts mouth

Interviews with experts in the field. This is the part I am really looking forward to, to help me and you learn and grow.

Free thinking zone

A space to brainstorm and evolve big impact ideas that might change the world.

Personal triumphs

This is the part where I share my progress, those small wins that actually help me going on. I shall also be regularly sharing experiences of others and their journey of going green. If you would like to share your experience with our readers, do drop in a mail to

Zero-waste Week

Sept 3-7 is Zero-Waste Week. One small tip a day to reduce your waste is what you will get all of next week. Subscribe to our mailing list, or join our First Green Step Facebook group, or on Twitter for specially curated easy tips on taking your first step to Zero Waste Living.

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